DSC_756112" Double Scollop Lampshade Frame - Ref: 4Volta Industrial Chic Frame35cm

Here at Homemaking Heaven we are passionate about providing great lighting – because just because you need lights, doesn’t mean they should be boring!

We are proud to offer a large range of edgy industrial wire cage lighting. With a selection of shapes and sizes – from bold statement centrepieces that would work great in entrance hallways or above a dining table, ┬áto petite, interesting cage lamps perfect to suspend above a bar or to use in a quirky lighting cluster.

If traditional is more your thing, we also offer both hard and soft lampshades and a wonderful bespoke service tailored entirely to you – so whether it’s a hand pleated soft shade, a super sized hard shade or whatever you can imagine, we’ll work together with you to bring your design to life.

If you fancy creating your own lampshades, we also have a huge range of wire lampshade frames and drum lampshade ring sets for home crafters.

Pop us an email to sales.homemakingheaven@gmail.com with any inquiries, or just to say hi!

Darby side blackFullSizeRender (3)22" Regent Scollop Lampshade Frame - Ref: 200IMG_0088


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